10 Essential Home Staging Tips to Help You Sell Your House Fast

Matt Norton
March 21, 2019

Last year alone, there were 14,630 houses sold each day in the U.S. That's a lot of house sales!

And if you're planning to be one of them that means you're going to need to do something to make sure that your house stands out amongst the masses.

You may wonder: Why is my home not selling?

There could be a variety of answers. But one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to sell their home is not staging it appropriately.

Check out these home staging tips to help you sell your home fast.

Home Staging Tips: Why Stage a Home Before Selling?

Look, the real estate market is a challenging one. It's not going to be one and done and your house is sold. You're likely to see tons of prospective buyers tramping through your home.

Staging can help make the process go easier and faster!


Because it makes it stand out against other listings in the area. If you've staged your home to make it inviting to potential buyers and to give them the chance to envision what they're life could be like in there - then you're much more likely to sell your house.

Plus, you'll be in good company: 71 percent of suburban sellers and 61 percent of rural sellers say that staging their home is something that they do before trying to list their house for market.

1. Don't Just Be Pretty On the Inside

This might well be one of our most important home staging tips. An often forgotten about part of home staging is the outside of the house.

You want to make sure you powerwash your driveway and other outdoor surfaces, that your porch or front stoop looks nice with a clean welcome mat, and that you've got some nice plants to brighten up the house.

Oftentimes, potential buyers will drive by first and if the outside of your house doesn't look inviting then they may well keep on driving!

2. Clear Away All Clutter

Look, space is what sells. And what does clutter do? It takes up space.

So declutter that home!

You don't have to get rid of things forever, but on days where you're showing your house, you want to make sure as much of the crap as possible is out of the way.

Clean off bathroom counters and put stuff in the cabinets instead. (But neatly! People may be peeking in there.) Clean out-of-season clothes out - no reason to have your front hall closet stuffed with winter coats.

The more you declutter the better people will be able to visualize the space.

3. De-Personalize the Space

One of the best home staging tips is that you want your potential buyers to be able to envision themselves living there. That's the best way to sell your house!

Help this process along by removing personal items. Take all of your things off the refrigerator, remove your personal family photos, and take down that sports memorabilia.

You want your home to have style and charm, yes - but in a way that suggests the home belongs to the buyer, not the seller.

4. Clean Like You've Never Cleaned Before

This is going to be not so much cleaning as waging war on the house. (But nicely!) You want to scrub every surface until is sparkles, deep clean those carpets, and rugs, and basically, make every square inch shine. (Don't forget the baseboards!)

When a prospective buyer comes to look at your house there should be no dust, no mess, and no dirtiness. It should be spic and span.

5. Erase Signs of Pets

We get it, you love your fur babies. But guess what? Potential buyers might not. (Sacrilegious, I know - but it happens.)

Make sure when you're going to be showing your home that you've removed toys, food dishes, and water bowls. (And stinky litter boxes if you have a cat.)

If you've got to keep that stuff in place then minimize it to one room, if you can.

6. Focus Your Efforts On the Right Rooms

Not all rooms are created equal. Make sure to pay special attention to the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen.

These are the rooms most people spend the most time in - so they're the ones that potential buyers will probably care the most about.

7. Go Neutral

Bright colors are fun! They can brighten up your space, liven up your life, and help you show off your personality.

But just because you love that bright pink wall doesn't mean that your potential buyers will.

Instead of sticking with that, think about painting when you're staging your home. And go for neutrals! Beiges, greys, whites, creams - easy colors that can fit anyone's lifestyle or furniture.

You want to make sure that the house doesn't clash with what your potential buyers will want to bring in to make the space their own.

8. Bring the Space to Life

This one's easy! Bring some life into the space in the form of some nice plants or fresh cut flowers.

Also, remove any seasonal decorations, which can date a house in both pictures and viewings. (You don't know that your potential buyer will love the dancing Santa as much as you do.)

This'll brighten up the house and make it seem warm and inviting to potential buyers.

9. Let There Be Light

Dark rooms are hard to be happy in. Make sure that you open your house up to as much light as possible.

Lift those blinds, open shutters, pull back drapes - do everything you can to get more light into the room.

And make sure you have on your lamps and lights as this can help brighten up and warm up the space as well.

10. Make Sure Your Furniture Is Up to Scratch

You're going to want to get rid of any furniture that is damaged, old, or just plain weird.

And you're going to want to rearrange what's left so that there's as much walkable space as possible. Again, space sells - so make sure that you're maximizing yours.

Potential buyers will thank you for it - by purchasing your house!

That's a Wrap!

Now that you've read our home staging tips and know how to stage your home to help it sell faster, are you ready to get to selling? If that's the case, we can help. Feel free to contact us for help selling your home fast.

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