What are the most frequently asked questions when buying a home?

There are three:

Question 1: How do I select the best realtor?

Answer: Work with an experienced professional.

When considering the purchase of your new home, strive to work with an experienced, professional realtor who has sold hundreds of properties over many years.  You are looking for a proven track record of outstanding customer service, industry knowledge, and the ability to close the deal. 

A real estate professional is more than just a sales person.  A real estate professional listens to what you want, puts in considerable effort to show you the properties you want to see, and does not try to sway you on buying a particular property. Seasoned, successful real estate professionals provide wise advice and guidance on financing, and they craft an offer that stands out when multiple offers are the norm. Too, they are skilled negotiators who always keep your best interests in mind. They only work with competent home inspection teams that will uncover any issues with the home. The best real estate professionals exhibit the right combination of nurturing and firm recommendation that will ensure you successfully navigate any issues that arise before closing.

Our tip: Interview multiple realtors, research them carefully, and select the one that you feel will best serve your needs. Ensure that your personalities and communication styles mesh, as you'll be working so closely together.

Question 2: After I have selected my realtor, what is the next step?

Answer: Find an experienced loan officer and mortgage company that will work with you to ensure your finances are in order. You want to be sure that you will be able to close on your new home. 

· Choose a local loan officer, and a mortgage company that is experienced, controls its own money sources, has local underwriting teams for close coordination, and can explain the loan process to you in plain terms.

· Find out how much home you can afford. Mortgage calculators will tell you how much the principal and interest payments will be. But you must also include these costs in the equation: property taxes, home owners insurance, HOA fees, utility bills, and upkeep/maintenance. If you can't afford these future costs, you can't afford the home. 

· Learn how much out-of-pocket money is required to close the deal. This includes earnest money, option money, inspection fees, appraisal fees, down payments, and mortgage lending fees. Title fees, normally paid by seller, are sometimes paid in part or full by the buyer.

· What down payment is required?  An experience mortgage lender will help you to select the best financial product to stay within your monthly budget.

· Work closely with your loan officer to protect your financial standing. Submit complete and truthful information on your credit history, debts, and liabilities. Don’t make any major purchases or credit card transactions. Don’t change your employment status. Don’t make any significant bank withdraws or deposits.

· Understand the difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval for your loan. Pre-qualification is an estimate of your home-buying power based on unverified income, debt, and credit history. Pre-qualification is often done on the phone or online without submitting detailed documentation. It does NOT imply a buyer is credit worthy.    

·  A pre-approved buyer has submitted W2s, income and employment details, bank statements, and a full credit report review. With this information in hand, the mortgage company may issue a letter stating they believe the buyer would be approved to buy a home up to the maximum value. This letter sends a strong message to the seller that the buyer is serious and has the financial backing to close the deal. When a seller is evaluating multiple offers, pre-approved buyers stand out. You definitely want to stand out in this market.

Question 3: How do I get started?

Answer: Begin your interview process with Matt. 

When you meet face-to-face with Matt, he gains an understanding of your needs and goals, and you get to learn about his approach and qualifications. You also get a feel for his style, so you can decide if working with the Norton Real Estate Team is what you'd like to do. If yes, great! If not, we'll wish you much luck with your search!

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