Home Still On the Market?: 7 Reasons Your Home Isn't Selling

Matt Norton
January 8, 2019

When you're ready to move, it's time to sell your home. You might be excited at first, wondering, "How much can I sell my house for?" Unfortunately, after a period of weeks, you might be asking a different question.

If you have started asking yourself, "Why isn't my house selling," it's time to make some changes to your approach. Here are seven common reasons that your home might not be selling quickly - and what you can do about it.

You Priced Your Home Too High

It can be tempting, when you're trying to sell your home, to focus on getting the top dollar. You might start by asking, "How much will I make selling my house?"

Unfortunately, that can cause you to price your home far too high. When you are looking at your home, you see a place full of memories. You think your décor is perfect.

Most of all, you want to "leave room to negotiate." Unfortunately, a buyer doesn't see a high price as a reason to bargain. They see it as a reason to steer clear of your home.

How do you fix this issue? Pay attention to comps in your area and price accordingly. You may think you have a diamond in the rough, but buyers don't see it that way!

Your Home is Cluttered

Yes, you absolutely love the salt and pepper shaker collection you've built over the last 25 years. In your home, they should be on display.

But when you're selling, you need to remember that it's no longer your home. You need to put your personal touches and specialty décor in storage until you have a new place to put it up.

Instead, focus on presenting your home in a way that's neutral, so that people who view it can imagine themselves in it. To you, it might be "boring." But if you aren't willing to do boring for a short time, you'll be left asking, "Why won't my house sell?"

To fix this, make everything as simple as possible. Store collections and remove flair. Create a home that anyone who walks into can see themselves in, rather than a home you can see yourself in.

You Didn't Stage Your Home

You might love your furniture and think it's absolutely perfect for the space. But does it look that way from a buyer's perspective?

Probably not.

If you haven't put serious time and effort into staging your home, you may be left wondering "Why is my house not selling?" The reason is simple - you aren't showing your home at its best!

Staging is not the same as decorating. Instead, it means allowing your home to speak to potential buyers, not to you. You want every element to point to the beauty of the house.

Professional stagers can work with what you have in order to show areas in their best light. They can also bring pieces from their own inventory or rent pieces that help showcase a space. Don't fight them - let them help you.

Your Home Needs Improvements

Don't want to fix the roof before you move? You might think that making such a large investment in a property you won't own in the future is unwise. The truth is, it's the only way to sell a home.

Buyers don't want to purchase a home with issues unless they are getting a very substantial discount - and even then it's not a guarantee. Instead, put the money needed into fixing the problems in your property.

What you'll find is that the return in terms of selling price and less time on the market will more than pay back the investments you made.

Your Listing Photos Aren't Professional

A picture is worth far more than 1,000 words when it comes to a property listing. You need photos that make your home look beautiful. If your photos show clutter, poor lighting, or simply aren't professional, you're selling yourself short.

A great real estate agent will help ensure you get professional listing photos. One of the reasons to hire an agent to help you sell your home is because they have access to these types of professionals!

Great listing photos will help your home sell much more quickly, and for a far better price.

Smells and Stains Are Driving Off Buyers

Do you have pets? If so, there may be odd smells and stains that you no longer notice, but buyers definitely do. Even if you remove your pet during showings, the odor can linger.

If you smoke, struggle with mold, or have other odd odors, the buyer will definitely not bite on your property. Odd smells can mean odd problems, and no one is willing to invest in a house that might be a lemon.

Take a look around your property with fresh eyes - get a friend or even a real estate agent to help. Replace flooring or carpet as needed. Get professional help removing stains and odors.

You'll be amazed how it will change buyer response.

You Don't Have a Great Agent

You might not realize it, but there's a lot that goes into selling a home. It's not just about putting photos up online and hoping for the best. You need an incredible real estate agent.

Agents help by arranging showings - and filtering out folks who aren't serious buyers. They market your property through postcard marketing, online marketing, in-person networking, and more. They know how to negotiate professionally.

More than that, they have an entire network that helps the sale go smoothly. From mortgage brokers to home inspectors, insurance agents, and escrow officers, they know the people you need to finalize the deal.

If you feel like you haven't had the help of a professional real estate agent, it's time for a change.

Why Isn't My House Selling? Now You Know

All of the reasons we listed above are common reasons that a home doesn't sell as quickly as it should. Do one or more apply to you? Don't worry, that can change.

The Norton Real Estate Team can step in and help you correct many of these issues. Are you tired of asking, "Why isn't my house selling?" If so, contact us for a free consultation today!

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