Chemistry Counts: 8 Tips for Choosing a Realtor You'll Truly Like

Matt Norton
December 21, 2021

Already feeling overwhelmed by the housing market? Dealing with property, whether you're buying or selling, is stressful enough without a terrible realtor involved. Choosing a realtor who's right for you can make a huge difference when dealing with the housing market.

Don't risk going with someone you're unsure about when a house is at risk. Follow these tips and you'll find the right realtor who will work for and with you.

1. Certifications

If you don't know how to choose a realtor, one of the first boxes to check is that they have the right certifications. You don't have to go with a realtor who has years of experience if their personality works well and you know they'll work hard for you. However, they do need to be certified to do the job properly. 

This is especially true when you're new to the process of buying property. You need someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry so they can help you through it.

2. Ask Around

Getting referrals is a great help when choosing the right realtor. And this is true for choosing a realtor to sell your home or to help you buy. First-hand experience is helpful, and knowing that they helped someone sell their home fast or find their dream home says a lot about their skills.

If you don't have anyone recommended through friends or family, be sure to check online reviews and do your research. 

3. Good Chemistry

One of the biggest things to remember when learning how to choose a good realtor is to pick someone you actually like. You have to work closely with your realtor to buy or sell a home, which is a big deal and can take a lot of time.

Compatible personalities can make it easier to work together and mean they will be more motivated to do their best work for you. You don't have to be best friends with your realtor, but someone you respect and don't mind spending time with helps a lot.

4. Open Communication

Make sure you're choosing a realtor who will be available to you when you need them. If they aren't contacting you regularly about the process, what houses are available, or what the showing schedule is, you may not be their top priority.

Buying and selling houses and other property can go incredibly fast, so having a realtor who talks to you and keeps in touch is crucial. It can mean the difference between getting and not getting a house.

5. Helpful Associates

Many realtors work for a larger firm and will have associates and other colleagues that you may work with. You want to make sure that when you call up the firm to reach your own realtor, you're dealing with helpful people who want to work with you as much as your realtor.

Not everyone will deal with other people outside their realtor, but if you know you will, it's a good idea to try and meet them as well.

6. Your Needs First

Figuring out how to choose a realtor also involves figuring out what you want in a house when you're looking to buy. You want to choose a realtor who always has you're best interests in mind when finding viewings and properties you might be interested in. 

If they're showing your house, you want an agent who will show up your property and want it to sell as much as you do. 

7. Shop Around

You don't have to choose the first realtor you meet. You can and should look around and talk to a few different people. This is one of the best ways to know if you do get along and how well you'll work over time. If you don't meet a few people, you won't know who fits better and could miss out on someone you like more and would do a better job for you. 

Consider the rate they will work for and what other kinds of properties they've worked with. How involved are they prepared to be in the process and how involved do you need them to be? 

8. Honesty 

Working as a realtor does involve some fluffing up of properties and showing houses that need some positive spin to sell. When you're buying, and even when you're selling, you want an agent who will be honest with you. 

What are the real problems with this property? How serious are they and how much will it cost to get them fixed? Will this neighborhood be worth moving into in the future and are there better options out there for those who wait?

Telling you what to fix in your property that needs to sell, or telling you what needs to be fixed in a property you're looking to buy shows you the realtor is looking out for more than just their commission.  

Choosing a Realtor For You

When choosing a realtor, a lot of these things are important, but you do want someone you know you can work with. Are you able to communicate easily with them about your needs and when you see something you don't like? Do they seem like they will work hard for you and focus on what you want, instead of pushing a property you're not as interested in? 

A realtor can make or break your property experience, so choosing the right one does have some high stakes. But if you don't rush into the decision and make sure you're trusting your gut and your research, you'll have someone who will work hard for you.

Finding a great team to help you buy or sell may be even easier than you think. Check out this great team to see if they might be exactly what you're looking for today. 

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