3 Must-Have Discussions With Your Realtor In Texas

Matt Norton
February 18, 2022

There's no greater investment in life than when you buy and then sell a home. It's the first big purchase you make as an adult, and in turn, it's the first big sale you make as an adult.

It only makes sense to have an expert help you. Few people will successfully sell a home for the same price that a professional realtor can snag. Realtors have the right connections and understand the market better than the average Joe who is trying to sell their house.

So when the times come to sell your home and you meet with a realtor in Texas or wherever else you may live, come prepared with questions. You want to know if this is the realtor that will sell and market your home with care and diligence and thereby draw in the price that your home deserves. 

Here are three basic questions along with concerns that an experienced Frisco realtor will answer with ease. 

1. How's the Housing Market Here? 

This is a broad question but worth it whether you're selling or buying. You want to know if you're going to have to pay a premium price to buy a house. You also want to know if you're going to receive a premium price if you're selling your home

Frisco housing markets may not mimic national markets. So you want a realtor who understands the values of Frisco homes. 

Buyer's Market vs. Seller's Market

Your realtor will begin by using terms such as "buyer's market" or "seller's market." A buyer's market means that house prices are currently lower than average, so you can purchase a home at a low price and hopefully sell it for more when the market changes. Home prices are low because there are more homes on the market than there are buyers to purchase them. 

Thus, a surplus of homes exist. Homeowners desperate to sell their properties will offer them for less than their appraised value because of the surplus that threatens to drown out their sale. A buyer's market means you should be looking for a home to buy, but it's not a ideal time to sell your home. 

A seller's market, on the other hand, means it's a prime time to sell your home. In any type of economy, a seller's market means there are more buyers than there are goods to buy. So the buyers are willing to pay a premium price for the product they want.

In the world of real estate, that means that homes will sell for more than what an appraiser will say they're worth. Individuals desperate for housing will pay a precious amount for a home. A seller's market means that your home will sell for its appraised amount or more very quickly.

In a seller's market, you will see buyers even offer more than the asking price because they know other buyers want the home as well. The seller then has the luxury of selling the  home to the highest bidder. 

2. What Local Sales Compare To My Home?

A realtor will understand the state of the current Frisco home buying market, which also means they should be able to quickly answer this question. A good realtor will have a handle on the Frisco homes selling currently. So as they evaluate your home, they should quickly be able to say which local sales compare to it. 

The realtor should have specific homes in mind as they state the comparable prices. You can ask about what homes they've sold recently that compare to yours. This will give you confidence in your realtor's experience and knowledge. 

Furthermore, a good realtor will have the ability to pinpoint larger trends in the real estate market. They will compare your desired price to the price of similar properties. Then they will look at the broader trends in the real estate market. 

As a result, the realtor will give you a fair estimate in how long selling your home will take. 

3. What Is Your Experience?

Always ask the realtor about their experience. The realtor will know how to work with a typical first time home buyer in Frisco as well as a first time home seller. 

As the realtor explains their experience, look for following information: 

  • Number of homes they've sold
  • Average days on the market for the homes they've sold over the past year
  • Number of years they've worked in real estate
  • Number of complaints they've had filed against them with the state
  • Commission rate they charge
  • Services included in the commission rate
  • Appropriate list price for your home
  • Cancellation fees when cancelling a listing agreement
  • Number of homes they've sold in the Frisco area

If the realtor does not answer these questions when they explain their experience, ask each question directly. The answers to these questions will give you a full picture of their experience and help you determine if they're the best realtor for you. 

Find a Great Realtor in Texas

When you sell your home or buy a new home, you're making a large investment. You're also searching for a place that you won't just live in, but a place where you'll make memories and a place you'll call home. You want the perfect home, and you will need a great, professional realtor in Texas to make that happen. 

Don't give into the temptation to put a handmade "for sale" sign on your lawn. Selling your own home will result in you receiving less money than what you could get with a realtor. It will also cost you significant time and energy as you manage open houses and all of the legal requirements that go with selling a home. 

If you're looking for an excellent realtor, check out our services. Schedule a meeting, and come ready with the above questions. We will have the answers you need to give you faith in our professional services. 

Check out our website and contact us today. Let us help you sell your house and find the home of your dreams. 

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